From still life, to landscapes and portraits, Muci Clemens paints in a representational, impressionistic style with oil and pastel. Lucky to have had the opportunity to travel extensively, the different cultures she has visited have been stimulating and offer fresh viewpoints. Her work is influenced by the rebirth of nature, peaceful and pensive, filled with light and a colorful palette.

    Muci studied art at the Art Students League in NYC., earned her degree in art and applied arts from San Diego State University, CA. She had a career in graphic design, until she shifted solely to painting. She has been fortunate to study portrait painting with renowned artist, Daniel Greene, painting with Clayton Beck III, and pastel painting with Doug Dawson. She has "refreshed" with periodic workshops, and courses at Silvermine School of Art in Norwalk, CT. 


Artist's Statement

    Expressing yourself is a need, to find an outlet by creating is therapy, fulfillment. There is much pain in the world, so to choose to focus on the positive - on light, color and uplifting themes - is a conscious choice. I create works that make me feel good; the color and texture of ripe fruit, the breathtaking beauty of seasonal flowers, a summer day by the water, the character of a face, the life in the eyes. These are things that make me happy, things I want to share... through my art, I can.